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It’s beginning to look a lot like … Asbestos?!?

Yep! Did you know that on the set of famous movies like Wizard of Oz and possibly It’s a Wonderful Life, actors were exposed to asbestos as fake snow? Other every-day-citizens were also exposed by using an asbestos product by the name of “Pure White” for the same purpose – fake snow.

What Happens During Asbestos Removal

First, you should determine if what you are looking at really is asbestos. Have a trust-worthy professional come in to carefully take a sample and have tests run in a reliable lab. Once you know what you are really dealing with, there are a few ways to proceed.

Sometimes, asbestos should be completely removed. If there is a risk that the fibers could drop off into the air to be inhaled, it needs to be removed. But, if it a completely encapsulated occurrence that won’t be disturbed, have a professional make sure it is completely sealed securely and it should be fine. If any demolition will happen in the area, asbestos will need to be removed first.

When you are dealing with an exposed situation, it is imperative that the utmost care be taken to protect individuals working with the asbestos and those nearby. Each member of the removal crew is completely covered by specialized suits and wears specific respirators that protect their lungs against inhalation of the fibers.

wizard of oz asbestos

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Nearby individuals will need to be evacuated until all asbestos is removed and any dust is completely cleaned up.

The crew will seal off areas of the building to work on, usually doing one manageable piece at a time. This is done to avoid contamination of other areas not effected by the asbestos. Only a class H vacuum cleaner can be used in an asbestos removal project as it has been designed to insure no fibers will be expelled back out into the area. Even a HEPA filter isn’t good enough for this job.

Disposal of the removed asbestos is typically wrapped and taped in special sealing materials and then taken to the landfill as hazardous waste material. Sometimes, the asbestos can be recycled into harmless silicate glass.

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