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Your asbestos removal professional is protecting you from asbestos-related diseases when he ever-so-carefully removes those damaging fibers from your building and living areas.

Did you know that the longest running mass-tort in US history comes from those seeking help because of asbestos-related injuries? The very first cases were settled in secrecy – and now we can see what those in the early days were worried about. Damage payments and litigation costs exceeded $70 billion by 2002 to compensate those who were victims of asbestos injuries.

Asbestos removal is a very important part of safe-guarding your health and the health of your employees and loved ones. Between 1982 and 2002, asbestos claims went from 1,000 to 730,000 – that’s the shocking number of people who have been effected … that we know of.  How many thousands more have there been?

Borel vs. Fireboard Paper was the ground-breaking case that paved the way for all those negatively effected by asbestos. A young man, Clarence Borel, worked hard to provide for his wife and six children in the shipyards and oil refineries for 30 years handling asbestos-laden materials every single day. When he found that is was hard to breathe accompanied by chest pain, he heard the grievous news – asbestosis was ravaging his lungs.

He took to the courts as a right this country provides. And, he won – but not before his death. The court found the asbestos manufacturer liable for his injuries – the very first time a court had ever done so in such cases. Borel died three years before the decision was handed down.

The injuries sustained by inhaling asbestos fibers do not show up right away – it takes years of repeated exposure. The fibers are too small to be expelled out of the lungs. At the same time, they are very sharp fibers and do much damage while they are lodged in the tissue of the lungs.

If you suspect asbestos in the areas around, please take it seriously and consult with a highly-qualified asbestos removal professional in the Madison, WI area.