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Advanced Health & Safety can perform your interior demolition, select demolition or deconstruction needs. We will ensure the safety of your home or commercial facility as well as everyone’s health and the cleanliness of the environment. Our interior demolition services are sometimes performed in conjunction with our asbestos removal services, however they can be standalone projects which might include:

  • Interior demolition to remove asbestos containing materials.
  • Building renovations to remove contaminated materials such as PCBs, fluorescent light fixtures, freon or other universal wastes.
  • Interior demolition as part of mold elimination.
  • Interior demolition as part of a remodel or renovation.
  • Lead abatement that requires interior demolition.

We perform interior demolition of commercial and industrial buildings for public agencies and facility owners; and we perform interior demolition in the private sector in environments such as residences, apartments, and condominiums. We take great pride in effectively managing the project and to keep costs under control we attempt to recycle waste debris when possible. We are committed to be environmentally conscious of what gets recycled versus what goes to the landfill.

Our work crews will seal off the work area and use HEPA filtered negative air filtration machines to minimize dust. Combining knowledge, experience and highly capable management, AHS will successfully complete any interior demolition project we undertake, regardless of the size or complexity.

We also take great care in understanding our client’s schedules so that we can man our jobs accordingly.  Our crews are sensitive to clients needs.  We can work nights and weekends as needed to minimize even more the impact of our job on the client.

Interior Demolition Madison, WI

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